Saf Tajik

Saf Tajik

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer



My friends, my parents, my family, all call me a dreamer. But I am the one who never sleeps.


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SAF Tajik IS AN EXPERIENCED SINGER, SONGWRITER AND MUSIC PRODUCER IN THE New Jersey MUSIC SCENE.Saf first became interested in music at a Very young age, and soon Discovered music production. He then began his Journey TO becoming and established Artist. Through his COuntless hours of Work Producing, Writing and SInging SOngs; Saf was able to get results from his music that other artists couldn't. He has since been expanding his music knowledge and services to become a Top Pop Artist. 



Saf Tajik, a 15-year-old up and coming artist with a love for music production and singing, was born in New York and raised in New Jersey. He grew up with parents who love music.

As you can imagine, the constant stream of music from his parents, ignited Saf’s lifelong dream to become a  musical artist is finally materializing as he gains recognition on his social media.

Saf has always had a love for music and the performing arts. At the age of 4, he began taking piano lessons at the Brooklyn Academy of music. He continued to take these lesson with various teacher through middle school and in 8th grade discovered music production. He was taken under the wing of Keith Alexander to study vocal performance. He continues to study with Mr. Alexander to this day.

As Saf gains notoriety on Social Media through his unique covers, he is excited to channel his passion for music into original songs. He says, “2019 is the year that I plan to push myself to grow exponentially. Releasing and performing music that I’ve written based on my own experiences is an opportunity to show who I am as an individual and as an artist. In the upcoming year, I plan to expand on what I have to offer as a vocalist, songwriter, and music producer.”

The most important step to starting a music career is getting your music out there to connect with listeners. Fans today love to hear about the life and interests of their favorite performers, and Saf understands the importance of this.

Saf is currently building an international online presence with his unique cover songs and posts about his personal life. Saf loves to make music and sing anytime he can, and his social media is full of his musical exploration, as well as personal insight into his life that all people can relate to.

Saf knows that artists need to have a sound that sets them apart. While creating his own music and style, he draws inspiration from both 90s Pop music from the likes of The Backstreet Boys, TLC, Boys to Men, and MC Hammer to current day pop artists such as Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Conor Maynard. His musical taste reflects an admiration for the smooth tones of classic R&B, as well as a modern reinvention of that sound often found in today’s Pop music. Saf’s debut album, which is coming soon, showcases these musical influences, while still reflecting his own unique musical style. Stayed for more information about this album.




Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work. I live by that. You grind hard so you can play hard. At the end of the day, you put all the work in, and eventually it'll pay off. It could be in a year, it could be in 30 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.


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